Nestled in ranges of Kubor Panjang Mountain, in the land of Are Lock Stuck, there is a kingdom called The Kingdom of 5 Amanah. The folks in the kingdom lived in happily and enjoy every single minutes of their life. The kingdom is ruled by the king, King Asri Affleck who never forget his obligations to the kingdom although he never does even 1 task completely. The Queen that stands loyally beside him is Queen Shikin Affleck. No 1 even dare to challenge what she says. They have a prince and a princess named Prince Syazrin Affleck and Princess Keira Hidayah Affleck. Their prince had married with a beautiful princess named Princess Nadia Septriasa from the kingdom of Sg. Mas while their charming princess had married with a manly prince from the Kingdom of Nangka Melayu named Prince Najmi Trump. The folks in the kingdom lived happily in a huge and beautiful castle on Kubor Panjang.

            The kingdom depends on the 2 wise person who hold a big part in the raising of the land. They have Albert Raziman Einstein who has the magical powers to make Karl Joo Marx and Robert Aizat Pattinson complimenting him every time they see this brilliant glowing star showing his talent. Next they have Ashley Farhan Simpson who has the most active brain cell that anyone could ever have. Like the other kingdoms, there have 2 groups of the Defence Troops: “The Nasi Lemak Ninja’s” and “The Fantastic Gurlz”. The Nasi Lemak Ninja’s are formed by a group of 5 boyish men, Sir Faridzuan Di Caprio who is the leader followed by Sir Ashraf Ferguson, Sir Safwan Di Vinci, Sir Fariq Bond and Sir Mukhtar Radclife. The other group is The Fantastic Gurlz which has “bau-bau bacang” connection with The Nasi Lemak Ninja’s. They are Miley Karakird Cyrus, Hillary Phawini Duff, Jessica Cittara Alba, Paris Moon Hilton, Katy Farah Perry, Taylor Aziela Swift and Kate Mila Moss.

            The kingdom also has its own guardian. This guard could be recognized by their blue uniform. They will make sure that all of the folks in the kingdom follow the code of the ethics. They are General Fahmi Craig, General Hazren Kutcher, General Azri Jackman and General Ari Knightley. Unfortunately, none of the folks ever obey their orders. The kingdom also has its bursar. She is Carrie Syazalina Kinderwood. Every month, she will make sure that anyone who do not pay the tax will suffer by her screams that can forms an earthquake in the kingdom.

            The kingdom also has its sensational group called “The Duke”.This group has all the positive manners such as gentle, being down-to-earth and bla...bla...bla...They are Kate Nisa Hudson,Lily Nisah Allen, Charlize Biela Theron and Ivanka Wanie Trump.Last but not least, the kingdom has some of the cirtistes or entertainer. They are Heart Najwa Evangeslista , Kelly Shikin Clarkson and Bea Ummu Alonzo.Beside  plans on how to makes the kingdom become famous, they also can sings any kind of song such as “Love Story”, “Thinking of You” and others. The important part of the kingdom is the existence of the historians who copile and keep the history of the kingdom. They are Fatin Kournikova and Shafinah Ivanovic.


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